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Repeat Fitness & Wellness Club is Albania's only Premium Fitness Club awarded gym, with a revolutionary approach in the constant improvement of health, well-being, and beauty.

Repeat features the most recent disciplines in each season, such as:


A stationary bike provides an intense workout. This class is held in a virtual setting and includes exercises from the instructor. You can alter your location by using the visuals on the screen, making the training more interesting and less monotonous. Our bikes are manufactured by TECHNOGYM, a prominent name in the world of training equipment, and the programs they follow are among the most up-to-date. A good spinning class makes your your heart and lungs work better while also strengthening your legs and abdomen. It is one of the best classes for losing body fat. Pedaling is a low-risk workout for joint injuries.


Hii-Training (High Intensity Interval Training)

Anyone can benefit from this training. It is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and energetic classes. This workout incorporates weightlifting, body-weight exercises, and athletic movements such as aerobics, running, pumps, and a range of other exercises. This discipline is based on functional movements and assists everyone in improving basic motions in their daily lives. This session is open to everyone, and the exercises are tailored to each individual’s fitness level. This form of exercise can burn up to 500 calories every session.

TRX – Total Body Resistance Exercise

It is a class unlike any other that takes place through some specific straps. The body is suspended in these straps where the workouts are performed. These exercises increase the abdominal muscles’ balance, flexibility, strength, and stability. All training is tailored to the client’s level of progress. During it, all of your body’s muscles are engaged and developed interactively, allowing you to achieve your goals. The class lasts 45 minutes and burns 350-400 calories, its full intensive exercises, movement and music. Its all about achieving your body goals in a funny way.


What is Total Body Transformation?

For all of you who like the sounds of music and want to feel the rhythm while training, Repeat Fitness brings you the most special discipline – Total Body Transformation.
With a variety of exercises such as: Squat, Deadlift, etc. in a full hour, you will activate all the muscles of the body, where the degree of difficulty of the movement’s changes depending on the rhythm of the music.
After 1 finished session, you have worked with all the muscles of the body and using the axles with different weights or dumbbells, the muscles will receive the appropriate load, bringing the required toning and burning all the excess calories.


Science has shown us that one of the most important part of the body is the abdominal area.

What is Core Concept?

Otherwise known as the ‘Trunk of the body’, the Core includes the abdominal area, legs and lower back.

During an hour of training, exercises will be executed, that combine mobility with strengthening the joints in our body. Thanks to this class you will gain stability in your body.

At first glance, it looks like an easy class, but only those who try it, understand the importance of this class, which strengthens the most important area: It’s called CORE!


Many of us hear often day by day about the new training method: Pilates Reformer.

This discipline dates back a long time, but only in recent years it is gaining the right importance, as a result of many muscular and skeletal problems, arising from the wrong posture at work or everyday life, such as: kyphosis, scoliosis, disc herniation, etc.

Humans have many muscles in the body, but the most important muscles are those that are not visible and that actually perform the main functions in the human body.
This is where Pilates Reformer comes to your help, a discipline dedicated to training the smaller muscles of the human body.

With Reformer Pilates you will feel much better, finding the perfect solution for your body and it its personized only for your need with personal Pilates trainer.


At Repeat we practice Ashtanga – Vinjasa Yoga.

Yoga is the practice of synchronizing movements and positions with breathing. Ashtanga is also known as power yoga since it constantly blends poses that can be described as athletic motions. This yoga technique was developed in the twentieth century and is the most modern kind of yoga, combining strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Pilates MAT

Pilates Mat is a set of floor exercises that use gravity and your own body weight to produce resistance. The major goal is to develop deeper, more supportive muscles in your body, which will improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Pilates Mat is recommended for muscular definition, back pain, and improving posture.